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As the words "sustainability" and "eco-friendly" seep into our daily vocabulary more and more each day, we are becoming more conscious of our environmental impact and how it directly affects our well being. We think about the food we eat, its packaging, the clothes we buy, and the products we use on our face and body. When we shop for new items, we survey the labels for words such as "all natural" or "organic" to make our purchasing decisions. Reducing our environmental footprint has becoming a priority in every aspect of our lives in order to pave a better and brighter Earth for future generations. 

Izell Beauty SMOOTHING FACE CREAM Snail slime- Hyaluronic acid, Damask Rose Oil

I have been environmentally conscious when buying clothes and fashion for years, but have recently started doing more research into sustainability practices for my skincare and beauty routine. We've heard time and time again that skincare is nourishment for the skin. The products we use will heal and feed our skin for a more radiant and glowing finish. 

Izell Beauty all natural hyaluronic serum

During my research, I found Izell Beauty, which is now my beauty guru for everything skincare and makeup. All of their products are made with natural ingredients, are cruelty free, and healthy for the skin. They are committed to a clean, organic model and don't use harmful chemicals such as latex, sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. 

Izell Beauty lash growth serum

I use their smoothing face cream along with their rejuvenating serum daily to give myself a youthful glow. The face cream and serum are made with hyaluronic acid and damask rose oil to improve elasticity and hydrate the skin. In my beauty routine, I use their lash growth mascara and serum which strengthen my eyelash hairs and gives them instant volume. 

Izell Beauty lash growth mascara

If you're looking to become more sustainable, environmentally conscious, and use all natural products in your beauty and skincare routine, check out izellbeauty.com!

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