Dolce and Gabbana AW19

As the guests filed into their designated seats, tiers of dark red curtains, grand gold vases supporting jaw-dropping bouquets of roses ceiling high, and a stunning diamond crystal chandelier as the centerpiece opened up before them. The baroque styled Italian mansion where this year's show was held reminded us of the brand's traditional roots and the remarkable craftsmanship we all love and respect. 

Illuminated on the wall beside the velvet drapery were the words "Dolce and Gabbana" and this year's theme "Eleganza". As the lights were subdued, the luminous script faded into a black and white video showing the designers and couturiers in their atelier sketching, sewing, and tailoring the models. As the video faded into dusk, an English announcer began to introduce the collection.

The show was all about the "return to classicality" — so its no wonder that the ambience of the Italian mansion evoked the grandeur of the renaissance and brought us back to the old style fashion shows of the 1950s. It was broken up into a series of sections encapsulating 127 looks to commemorate every major Hallmark event in woman's life.

The first section was all about feminized male tailoring. Models walked out in polished suits and coats designed in men's fabrics with silk neck ties or a classic bow around the collar. 

Following the businesses attire were a series of  lingerie-esque gowns channeling a Grace Kelly styled elegance. In the dreamy colors of Sicilian pastries, the women floated down the isle in billowing dresses of sensual silk and champagne pink feathers. 

Succeeding the elegant floor length silhouettes was a shift in  glamorous women taking the runway by storm in classic Dolce and Gabbana animal prints, powerful black dresses with jacquard floral embroidery, and luxury drapery in richly decorative brocade fabrics. 

The show wouldn't be complete without paying tribute to the Dolce and Gabbana bride. Classic white bustiers, tulle skirts with lavishly detailed embellishments and embroidery, and a knee length ensemble with a string of ivory peonies adoring the neck drifted down the runway all accessorized with a simple bouquet of white roses and green foliage. 

The show ended with classy bit of romanticism in shades of black. The models were accessorized to the nines with gold sequins, grandiose pearls, and emerald broaches. 

Stefano Gabbana and Dominico Dolce spoke of the "fatto a mano" collection, "The idea is that we want to explain to the new generation that everything comes by hand – sartorial, handmade, and elegant. Because the world is full of sneakers and jogging jumpers, we wanted to turn the page to elegance." 

Embracing the timeless emblems of luxury, the designer duo created a collection resonating with regency styled looks traditionally worn for high class occasions, such as the arts and the theater. Paying homage to the artisanal heritage on which the company was built, Dolce and Gabbana created a memorable collection of classical elegance and sheer timeless beauty.

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