Travel Skincare & Beauty Products with Olivia Falcon

For all you fashionistas jet setting from city to city for fashion month, you'll know that it's vital to have the quintessential skincare and beauty products to feel fresh and stay glamorous throughout the trip. After long flights, early wake up calls, and too many vodka martinis, your skin is at risk for aging and breakouts. I collaborated with London beauty expert, Olivia Falcon, to find the ideal products for all you chic ladies on the go.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye Mask

Intraceuticals eye mask with Olivia Falcon, founder of the editors list in London England

Traveling can take its toll on your skin, especially if you're 35 thousand feet high in an airplane. The reusable air during the flight can dehydrate your skin, leaving it puffy and bloated. This moisturizing eye treatment is a remedy filled with hydrolyzed collagen that aids in diminishing dark circles and plumping out fine lines and puffiness. Wear this for 30 minutes during your flight for a refreshing boost for landing.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Travel Essentials

Intraceuticals travel essentials with Olivia Falcon, founder of the editors list in London England

When you arrive at the hotel, you're going to want to immerse yourself in the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Travel Essentials set. Start off with the gentle cleanser to revitalize your skin after the long journey. Feed your skin with three nourishing serums for a invigorating boost of Vitamins A, C, and E. Start with the daily serum which you can add to your everyday skin care routine. Next, replenish your skin with the hydration gel for a youthful, healthy complexion. Finally, apply a coat of  moisturizing binding cream to lock in all the nutrients and vitamins for the rest of the day! 

Alleven Hydrating Tinted Protection 

Alleven Hydrating tinted protection spray with Olivia Falcon, founder of the editors list in London England

Get that natural, summer glow no matter where you are in the world with Alleven's hydrating tinted protection spray. You can choose between a deep matte finish or a radiant glow and can buff it into your skin for a warmer shade. A quick coating will transform your skin and keep it protected from the sun. Whether you like a rich golden tan or a subtle shimmer, Alleven's got the product for you!

Trinny London Starter Stack

Trinny London with Olivia Falcon, founder of the editors list in London England

When you have back to back runway shows all day, you'll need your make up on hand for touch ups while on the go. This starter pack by Trinny London is the ultimate beauty must-have for every fashionista! Each level of this makeup tower yields a unique purpose so you have everything all in one! The stack includes sun-repellent concealer that matches your personal skin tone, a bronzer + lip gloss duo to add drama for a bold look, a sheer lip glow for that extra shine, and an eyeshadow with a variety of flattering shades from natural pale tones to a striking smokey charcoal to to match any event!

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask

Sand & Sky with Olivia Falcon, founder of the editors list in London England and Kelly Fountain beauty blogger

When the shows are over and the after party has ended, don't forget to exfoliate your skin with a vitamin rich face mask before you fall into those soft, white sheets. Since its key ingredients are soft pink clay, revitalizing aloe vera juice, and a healthy dose of A, Sand & Sky's pink clay remedy brightens your face giving it a luminous glow.

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