One Over Organic Makeup

In a time where everyone is concerned with their health and well-being people are becoming very selective with what they put in and on their body. Organic makeup brand One Over is my ultimate go-to for holistic beauty supplies. They are recognized for their carefully crafted plant-based products that contain nourishing vitamins to give your skin a healthy, radiant glow.

These are my favorites for creating the perfect soft, natural look: 

Base Glow Sheer Light
This liquid luminizer highlights and nourishes your face for a sheer, dewy glow. Its subtle shade gives an ethereal tint that pairs well with every skin tone. Because it contains organic sesame oil, revitalizing sage leaf, and cooling aloe vera juice, it serves as a moisturizer that purifies pores and soothes skin, as well as a makeup highlighter. As simplicity is the key in 2019, this luminizer is the perfect product to add to your skincare and beauty routine.

Duotone Alizarin Rose 
This cream blush and bronzer duo blends into your skin adding drama to a subtle look. It's packed with orange peel butter rich in Vitamin C to naturally brighten and radiate. Trace the bronzer across your cheekbones and add a touch of highlighter up the sides of your temples to exaggerate the silhouette of your face.

Rose Doree Lip Oil
Infused with hydrating oils, this moisturizing lip balm is an essential beauty product to rejuvenate your lips. The rose doree shade adds a peachy tint to keep you looking youthful and natural for an all around fresh faced look. 

Duotone Live Umber 
This duo adds a warm flush to enhance glowing skin. It's a cream moisturizer made with sunflower oil and cocoa butter to soften skin and protect from the sun. Lightly blend the lighter shade on your cheekbones and under your brow for a delicate contour while adding a touch of the blush for a healthy, effortless complexion. 

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