Perry Ellis SS 1993

Blast from the past, Marc Jacob debuted his last season at Perry Ellis in 1992. The collection featured plaid skirts, Dr. Martens, and flannel shirts. Christy Turlington opened the show in a grungy beanie, fitted white top, loose beige khakis, and an oversized cafe coat. In Look 6, Kate Moss wore a simple white dress partially covered by a classic white blazer and styled with a loose beanie and half tied Dr. Martins. Grunge was not seen as high fashion at the start of the 90s and was representative more of the counterculture of the time. The fashion industry was in shock and found the looks to be "ghastly" and "disheveled" looking. Marc Jacobs was fired from Perry Ellis shortly after this collection, but he became known for reinventing grunge which redefined his career as a designer. Allure Magazine later commented that "The show broke the conventional boundaries of fashion and beauty, and asked editors, retailers, buyers, and consumers to question whether conventionally good taste and high fashion were mutually exclusive."

 Christy Turlington

 Kate Moss

Naomi Campbell

 Tyra Banks

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