The Guide to Facial Fillers

Claire Catterall 

Plastic surgery and fillers are at an all time high in the UK and with that comes a lot of misinformation about the procedures and their results. I traveled to Newcastle to speak with trained dermatologist, Claire Catterall, to learn the inside scoop about facial fillers and choosing your practitioner. 
Catterall just returned from a training trip with Dr. K in Los Angeles where she discovered new tips on the craft of facial fillers. She is continuously trying to immerse herself in the new market and technologies of fillers in order to provide her patients the best possible results in their beauty journey. 
She is working out of Full Works Hair and Beauty in Liverpool and Laquarius Makeup in Newcastle, two major hubs for fillers in the UK market. 

Choosing your Filler

Currently, Catterall uses the renowned Korean brand, Revolax, which specializes is non-animal based hyaluronic acid for a long lasting, sculpted look. "Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the skin, [and] it helps to bind water to collagen, trapping it in the skin, so that skin can appear plumper, dewier, and more hydrated." Catterall likes Revolax because in addition to lasting around 12 months, it produces the smoothest transition when applied to the lips or face. Because its made of hyaluronic acid (naturally found in the body), it breaks down easily in the skin delivering a soft, natural finish. "Not all fillers are created equally," she says, "you want to look for ones with hyaluronic acid which have a lower chance of risks and an overall greater longevity." 

Your Practitioner

There are many things that you can (and should) do to educate yourself before your choose a practitioner. First and foremost, research! Make sure they are certified in the procedure you are looking for and are an expert in that field. You want someone who works as a full-time filler practitioner, not someone who does it on the side as a hobby. Secondly, before settling on a procedure and practitioner, go in for a consultation. Look at their previous patients and results and see if they coincide with the look you are going for. Reviewing before and afters shots are essential when choosing the right filler because it 1) shows you the specialist has experience 2) gives you an idea of what your future results will look like. Addionally, ask questions. How long does the treatment last for? What should I do if something were to go wrong? How long have you been doing this for? Like they say in school, there's never a stupid question. And finally, evaluate. Are they right for you? Don't go for the person with the cheapest price because they may not be best. At the end of the day, its your face and you want to put it in hands of someone who'll treat it with care and precision.

Personal Story 

21 year old Jayed of Gateshead, Newcastle came into the Laquarious Clinic for a filler touch up from Claire Catterall. After trying out three other practices, she said the inclusivity of Laquarius made her feel so comfortable and less anxious about the whole experience. In less than five minutes and 6 injection incisions, her lips became fuller, plumper, and more voluminous.  After her procedure, she raved about the results of her second lip enhancement and was so excited to continue her treatments with Catterall. 

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