Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm Kelly Rose Fountain and I'm so glad that you found my blog! I'm not really certain what this blog will be or if it ever will be, but if it does, I'll be forever grateful. I've been writing for quite some time now sharing little pieces of my thoughts, my adventures, my travels, and the inspirational messages I've come across along the way  through social media, friends, and family; and I'm so excited to share my life with you. Whether its finding a cute, little, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in the city, learning how to use herbs and spices to make healing medicines, or discovering the beauty in the simple pleasures in everyday life; I hope you'll come along for the ride! 
Thank you again for visiting, and don't be afraid to message me and share your stories too. Have a wonderful weekend! Hope to hear from you soon. xx
Yours always, 
Miss Kelly Rose Fountain

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